A New Mexican Artist At Heart

rob ensor on stool.jpgRobert Ensor is a self-taught artist living in a house he designed in Tres Piedras, New Mexico. He has been an artist most of his adult life with brief stints designing furniture as challenging as his artwork. His work is the unique sum of his experience, his way of life, and the natural and man-made artifacts enriching the landcape of the American Southwest. From the cedar to the rusted metals left behind by man’s migrations, he conjures life into sculptures that stand up to be counted. They cannot be ignored. They make us think, enlist us in their demand for meaning, and grace us with the beauty of the materials. Ensor has been making art for over two decades deep in the New Mexican desert. His craft is clear in the smooth lines that reveal the hidden nature of the wood. But the magic is in the deeply personal individuals he sets free. Sculptures more like artifacts of a lost civilization waiting to be rediscovered.

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